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FOSFA was founded on the values of independence, fairness and impartiality. We work on behalf of our members to provide contracts and services that keep the global trade and shipping of oil, seeds and fats simple and reliable. We give buyers, sellers and intermediaries reassurance that our contracts are relevant, fair and trusted, and are underpinned by English law.

Our standards and policies are decided by our membership through an elected Council. Contracts, arbitration and technical requirements are managed and modified by specialist committees which are made up of trade representatives from all sectors and regions of the industry.

We understand the needs of our members and work hard to ensure that our services adapt and adjust to meet their ongoing requirements and interests.

Our founding values steer our daily activities and long-term strategy, and in all our activities we continue to be guided by the trade, act for the trade and govern with the trade.

Our Vision

FOSFA provides contracts and support services that keep the global trade and shipping of oilseeds, oils and fats simple and reliable.

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Deliver contracts that are created and updated by the trade, for the trade, and provide buyers, sellers and intermediaries with terms that are tried and tested, fair and trustworthy.

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Our Values

Our members can be assured that all FOSFA International representatives uphold our values. Our values define who we are and help us to develop better services for our members. Everything we do is for their benefit and it is for this reason that over 90% renew their membership every year.

Our members have peace of mind that our contracts are relevant, fair, tried and trusted. We promote the sharing of information so our members benefit from expert knowledge. We keep them informed and updated in global trading with internationally recognised training programmes.

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