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Arbitration Appeal

For the trade,
By the trade,
With the trade

With the approval of the FOSFA Council, the following people have been granted Arbitration Appeal Board panellist status and are recognised to sit on FOSFA arbitration Appeal Boards appointed by the Federation. All those listed are in an appropriate category of membership set out in the Federation’s Rules , and have agreed to abide by the FOSFA International Code of Practice for Arbitrators in their board duties. 

If you are interested in joining the FOSFA International Arbitration Appeal Panel please contact the Federation’s Chief Executive or Head of Arbitration & Governance Manager.

For more information about the arbitrators below please view the FOSFA Directory of Arbitrators

Key:      S – Shipper/Supplier               M – Middleman                    C – Consumer
              Os – Oilseeds                            O&Fs – Oils and Fats

*Eligible to act as Chair

Mr Shailendra BardiaMOs, O&Fs
Mr David Barnett*MOs, O&Fs
Mr Julian BrownSOs, O&Fs
Mr Sietse BuismanCO&Fs
Mr Jonathan Cowens*MOs, O&Fs
Mr Paul Davies*SOs, O&Fs
Mr Nico de ZwartSOs, O&Fs
Mr Salih DellalSOs, O&Fs
Mr Mark DorderySOs, O&Fs
Ms Ivanna DorichenkoMOs, O&Fs
Mr Teun EigenraamCO&Fs
Mr Rene EikelMO&Fs
Ms Diane Galloway*MOs, O&Fs
Miss Catharine GeersCO&Fs
Mr Marius Gerrits*MOs, O&Fs
Mr Morten GuldagerCOs
Mrs Julie HawkinsSOs, O&Fs
Mr Kevin Haylock*SOs, O&Fs
Mrs Sylvie KosorogSOs
Mr Ezequiel ManovilMOs, O&Fs
Mr Christian MeinichMO&Fs
Ms Krisztina MozerMOs, O&Fs
Mr Peter Nicholls*MOs, O&Fs
Mr Philip Noyce*MOs, O&Fs
Mr Dragan PercCOs, O&Fs
Mr Rodney PopeMO&Fs
Mr Roger Rookes*SOs, O&Fs
Mr Torsten SieversSOs, O&Fs
Mr Bruce TappySOs, O&Fs
Mrs Elizabeth Thomas*MOs, O&Fs
Mr Robert van KempenSO&Fs
Full Membership
Associate Membership
Attend meetings
Vote in meetings
Serve on committees
Elect Full Broker members or one of their representatives to serve on the Federation’s section committees
Nominate as many representatives as they wish, but only one shall be included in the basic subscription
Receive a discount on services provided by the Federation, should the Council allow
Benefit from free use of the consultancy and advisory service (except where legal or specialised advice is provided and charged to the Federation) where costs shall be passed on, but under notice