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Join a federation that supports all aspects of the global trade in oils, oilseeds and fats.

The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Association (FOSFA) is an international trade organisation that facilitates and supports the global trading and shipping of vegetable and animal oils and fats, oilseeds, and their derivatives.

If you are an individual, company or organisation, actively involved in the trading or shipping of oilseeds, oils and fats or the supply of related services, we hope you will consider applying to become a member of FOSFA International.

You can join FOSFA as a Trading, Non-Trading, Broker, Superintendent or Analyst member in one or more sections, namely Oils and Fats, or Oilseeds.

Firstly, you or your company need to nominate a representative to act as a contact person under the Oils & Fats and/or Oilseeds section. You are entitled to at least one representative free-of-charge, although Trading Members (A1 & A2) have additional entitlements as follows:

  • Trading (A1) – 3 free representatives
  • Trading (A2) – 2 free representatives
  • All other categories – 1 free representative

For additional representatives (i.e. more than those included in the basic membership subscription fee) there is a small charge per person, per section. The full cost of membership for each category and additional representatives can be found on our price list

For your application to be considered and approved you will need the support of a proposer and a seconder (who must be members of the Federation – one of which must be a Trading member). Letters of support should be sent to the Membership Secretary in order for your application to be put before the Council. Superintendent and Analyst applications will be passed to the Technical Committee for review prior to submission to Council for approval. A suggested format for the proposer letters can be found on the referees page of the application form.

All members are required to abide by the Rules and Regulations. Before applying to become a member, please read the Rules and Regulations of the Federation.

Membership: A Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Choose the appropriate membership

We offer five main categories of membership – Trading, Non-Trading, Broker, Superintendent and Analyst. Before completing an application form, decide which category is most relevant to you and your business.

Step 2

Complete an application form

Complete the relevant online application form. You will need the support/endorsement of two current FOSFA members whose details should be added to the referees section of the application form. The Federation can assist if you need help.

Step 3

Wait for your application to be confirmed

The membership category will determine how long it takes for your membership to be confirmed. If successful, you will receive formal notification and an invoice for your annual (or part-year) subscription. When payment is complete, you will receive login details for full access to the FOSFA website and be listed on the Members Directory.

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Full Membership
Associate Membership
Attend meetings
Vote in meetings
Serve on committees
Elect Full Broker members or one of their representatives to serve on the Federation’s section committees
Nominate as many representatives as they wish, but only one shall be included in the basic subscription
Receive a discount on services provided by the Federation, should the Council allow
Benefit from free use of the consultancy and advisory service (except where legal or specialised advice is provided and charged to the Federation) where costs shall be passed on, but under notice