Membership of the Federation is open to any individual, company or organisation actively involved in the trade of oilseeds, oils and fats, or in the supply of services related to these trades. By being a member of FOSFA this provides direct benefits to your business as the FOSFA terms will be familiar to you and, more often than not, your counterparty and service providers.

We offer many services to members, including:

  • Access to standard form contracts and contract referred documents.
  • Arbitration facilities and electronic access to edited Awards.
  • Direct involvement in committee work, influencing trade practices.
  • A voice in the way international trade is conducted.
  • Superintendents and Analysts Schemes.
  • Advisory services covering contractual, legal and technical areas.
  • A members Directory with company contact details.

We also provide:

  • Trade training and professional development programmes.
  • A range of free or discounted publications and services.
  • Access to the Members area of the website.
  • News items on the website.
  • Information on FOSFA’s own events, and other trade events, providing networking opportunities.

In becoming a member of FOSFA you will be categorised within one of the following types:

  • Trading
  • Brokers (Full or Associate)
  • Non-Trading (Full or Associate)
  • Superintendents
  • Analysts (Full or Associate)
  • Kindred Association

For more information on the categories of membership click here.

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Association for international trading in oils, fats and oilseeds