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Professional standards of practice in handling disputes

Our rules, code of practice, and guides provide detailed information and standards that help all those involved in an arbitration fully understand and comply with the process, and ensure fairness and neutrality throughout. 

The Guide to Arbitrations and Appeals, and The Code of Practice for Arbitrators are available to everyone. Members of FOSFA can read the Rules of Arbitration and AppealSmall Claims Single Tier Rules of Arbitration, and Rules of Arbitration for Brokerage, Commission and Interest by logging in; for non-members there will be a charge of £15 per document.

Members can request previous versions of the documents by contacting us.
An administration charge may be applied.

Our Arbitration Services

The Guide to Arbitration and Appeals

Rules of Arbitration and Appeal

Small Claims Single Tier Rules of Arbitration

Rules of Arbitration for Brokerage, Commission and Interest

The Code of Practice for Arbitrators

Arbitrator Time Sheets

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