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FOSFA membership is open to any individual, company or organisation that is actively involved in the trading of oils, seeds and fats, or provides supporting services. There are five key categories of membership and we also invite other associations related to the industry to join.

Joining FOSFA enables members to benefit from a range of services, such as access to contracts, arbitration, technical expertise, involvement in our committees, advisory services, training programmes, networking events and more. Our how to become a member and membership subscription pages provide further information about how to apply.

Categories of membership

Trading Members
(A1, A2 or A3)

Trading members are companies, firms, sole traders, organisations, or those operating as principals to FOSFA contracts.

Broker Members
(Full or Associate)

Broker members are companies, firms, sole traders, organisations, or those who do not act as principals to FOSFA contracts, but receive remuneration in the form of commission from the contracting principals.

Non- Trading Members
(Full or Associate)

Non-Trading members are companies, organisations, or individuals who provide essential services to aid the global trade of oils, seeds and fats.

Superintendent Members

Superintendent members are also referred to as surveyors. This category of membership is for those who carry out inspections, sampling, quality assessments, and examination of goods to ensure they are traded in accordance with the terms of FOSFA contracts.

Analyst Members
(Full or Associate)

Analyst members are independent laboratories or those providing laboratory services that are not associated with companies or firms trading with FOSFA contracts.

Kindred Associations

National or international organisations affiliated to the commodities traded using FOSFA contracts can join the Federation to share knowledge and develop best practices.

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Full Membership
Associate Membership
Attend meetings
Vote in meetings
Serve on committees
Elect Full Broker members or one of their representatives to serve on the Federation’s section committees
Nominate as many representatives as they wish, but only one shall be included in the basic subscription
Receive a discount on services provided by the Federation, should the Council allow
Benefit from free use of the consultancy and advisory service (except where legal or specialised advice is provided and charged to the Federation) where costs shall be passed on, but under notice