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Contracts that keep global trade and transportation simple and reliable

Buyers, sellers and intermediaries know that FOSFA trade contracts are fair and trustworthy as they are created and updated by the trade, for the trade.

Our contracts provide standard trading terms to ensure the smooth trade of oils, seeds and fats across the globe. This is why 85% of trades are made under our contracts.

Contracts are free to download for members.  Non-members can download them at a set fee per contract. 

To ensure our trade contracts remain fair and relevant, our Contracts Committee drafts new contracts and modifies existing terms to take into account legal decisions, or changes in customs, rules and trade practices. 

A summary list of current contracts can be viewed by clicking on the link below or you can use the Contract Search 

Optional and Special Clauses relating to specific contracts and/or agreements between sellers and buyers are also available.

CIF contracts have Insurance Clauses covering general insurance terms, war, strikes and exclusions.

Download a list of all available FOSFA Contracts.

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The types of shipping contracts

FOSFA contracts cover various forms of trade including; 

  • Cost, insurance and freight (CIF)
  • Cost and freight (C&F)
  • Free on board (FOB)

    The terms covered in CIF contracts include Insurance Clauses which relate to general insurance terms, war, strikes and exclusions. There are also optional and special clauses available, which relate to specific contracts and agreements between sellers and buyers. 

    Some FOSFA contracts have Adjustment of Outturn Clauses that relate to prices for excess or deficit delivery. We publish details of the prices on a weekly basis and list them on the Settlement Prices page. 

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