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Membership subscriptions for every aspect of global trading

FOSFA membership options and subscriptions fees are outlined below. Each membership includes at least one representative, rising to three, depending on the membership category.

Subscription fees are payable annually and there is a 30% discount for early payment of renewal subscriptions (redeemable for the following year).

Membership Subscription Fees

* The tonnage referred to, and on which subscriptions are based, is the contracts annual turnover of commodities traded by a member of FOSFA.

Membership Subscriptions



Trading Member A1

Annual turnover 100,000 tons or over*

3 representatives
Free FOSFA Manual and amendment service
Free Technical Manual and amendment service
Discount on arbitration and appeal fees


Trading Member A2

Annual turnover 5,000 – 100,000 tons*

2 representatives
Discount on arbitration and appeal fees


Trading Member A3

Annual turnover of less than 5,000 tons*

1 representative
Discount on arbitration and appeal fees


Full Broker Member

1 representative


Associate Broker Member

1 representative


Full Non-Trading Member

1 representative


Associate Non-Trading Member

1 representative


Superintendent Member

1 representative


Full Analyst Member

1 representative


Associate Analyst Member

1 representative


Kindred Association

1 representative


Additional Representatives

A FOSFA membership is section based. Under each section (Oils and Fats, and Oilseeds) members may nominate one or more members of staff to act as a representative/contact. Additional representations to those included in the basic subscription fee can be added for a charge of £40 per representative, per section.

(VAT is charged to UK companies only)

Full and Associate Membership

To help you decide on the most appropriate subscription for you, please see the differences between full and associate membership below.

Full Membership
Associate Membership
Attend meetings
Vote in meetings
Serve on committees
Elect Full Broker members or one of their representatives to serve on the Federation’s section committees
Nominate as many representatives as they wish, but only one shall be included in the basic subscription
Receive a discount on services provided by the Federation, should the Council allow
Benefit from free use of the consultancy and advisory service (except where legal or specialised advice is provided and charged to the Federation) where costs shall be passed on, but under notice

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