Advocating for simple and reliable global trading in oils, seeds and fats

FOSFA International is a trade federation that operates on behalf of its members. We provide standard contract forms and supporting services that are the foundation for fair and transparent global free trade in oils, oilseeds and fats. 

Over 1,200 members – representing buyers, sellers, producers and processors, analysts, surveyors and brokers – operating from 90 countries rely on our services to confidently execute contracts and keep the shipping and transportation of commodities simple and reliable. 

Utilising the knowledge and expertise of our membership network, our standards and policies are overseen by an elected Council, and our contracts and supporting services are managed by specialist committees that are made up of representatives from all aspects of the supply chain. 

FOSFA International is for the trade, by the trade and with the trade.

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Supporting members since 1971

FOSFA was established in 1971 on the values of independence, fairness and impartiality. We have always given members reassurance that FOSFA contracts are relevant so the trade of vegetable and animal oils and fats, oilseeds, and their derivatives can remain uncomplicated. 
Our six membership categories – trading, non-trading, analyst, superintendent, broker and kindred associations – cover every aspect of the supply chain, and by joining FOSFA, our members: 

  • Have unlimited access to our standard contract forms
  • Receive free digital access to a comprehensive library of publications, manuals, codes of practice and useful resources
  • Can contact and network with other members through our Members Directory
  • Benefit from our impartial arbitration service that ensures disputes are resolved in a timely and efficient manner 
  • Can contribute to changes in policies, rules and procedures by joining a committee
  • Receive discounts on our residential training courses

Our services


Join FOSFA and benefit from access to our comprehensive range of contracts and support services.

FOSFA contracts provide standard terms for the smooth international trade of oils, seeds and fats.

Our technical team supervises procedures to ensure the execution of the contract complies with the agreed terms.

Our peer group of knowledgeable arbitrators assist members to resolve contractual disputes in an impartial and efficient manner.

The two FOSFA residential training courses are globally recognised and open to members and non-members.

We produce an extensive and easily accessible selection of publications, resources, guides, rules, and codes of practice.

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Elect Full Broker members or one of their representatives to serve on the Federation’s section committees
Nominate as many representatives as they wish, but only one shall be included in the basic subscription
Receive a discount on services provided by the Federation, should the Council allow
Benefit from free use of the consultancy and advisory service (except where legal or specialised advice is provided and charged to the Federation) where costs shall be passed on, but under notice