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For the trade,
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Assisting global trading since 1971

The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA) is an international trade organisation that facilitates and supports the global trading and shipping of vegetable and animal oils and fats, oilseeds, and their derivatives.

Established in 1971, we create and maintain international standard contracts that offer legal protection to reduce associated risks and provide appropriate procedures for the settlement of disputes by arbitration.


Being owned and funded by our members means we act on their behalf and the whole trade. Our mantra of ‘For the trade, by the trade, with the trade’ is of great importance to us, and our standards, policies and procedures are overseen by our members through an elected Council and specialist committees

The contracts and supporting services we provide are there to ensure that trading remains fair, impartial, simple and reliable.

That is why 85% of the global trade in oils, seeds and fats is traded under FOSFA contracts and more than 1,200 companies in nearly 90 countries have become members.

Supporting international trade

Activities of the Federation

We maintain international standard forms of contracts, develop technical procedures to ensure contracted terms are met, provide arbitration services for the settlement of disputes, produce publications specific to the traded commodities, and encourage learning with residential training courses. 

Vision and Values

Since being founded in 1971, the aim of FOSFA has been to keep the global trade in oils, seeds and fats simple and reliable, and our values of independence, fairness and impartiality are just as important to us today.

Kindred Associations

By working together with similar associations from around the world, we can improve the trading experience for all sections of the supply chain. We do this by sharing knowledge and best practices.

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