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Keeping contracts relevant and updated

FOSFA International Contract Forms provide the basis for the standardisation of trading terms that facilitate the international trade in oilseeds, oils and fats. The role of the Contracts Committee is to draw up and modify the Contract Forms to take account of legal decisions made by the Courts or changes in the custom and practice of the trade in general, or in a particular sector, so they remain valuable, relevant, fair and trustworthy to the trade.

The committee works alongside the Oilseeds and Oil & Fats committees to ensure our standard Contract Forms represent the needs of the trade.

Members of the Contracts Committee have extensive experience in the global trading of oils, seeds and fats and represent a fair balance between shippers and buyers. The Chair also sits on the Council

The Contracts Committee

Mr Bruce A Tappy (Chair)

Tapcom (International) Ltd

Emily Bensusan-Sterry

FOSFA International

Mr Marcos Amorim

Representing ANEC

Mr Sietse Buisman

Cargill BV – Refined Oils Europa

Mr Teun Eigenraam

IOI Global Services Sdn Bhd

Mr Philippe Linder

Guangzhou Green Oil Industrial Co Ltd

Mr Lionel Margaka

Representing NOFOTA

Ms Jemma Naylor

Cargill International SA

Mr Phillip J Noyce

Philip Noyce

Mr Roger W Rookes

Roger Rookes

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