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Since 1971, the contracts and supporting services we have provided to all categories of FOSFA members have kept the global trade and transportation of oils, seeds and fats trustworthy, fast, simple and reliable.
Services that support the global trade in oils, seeds and fats

FOSFA Contracts

85% of the global trade in oils, seeds and fats are made using our contracts. The contracts are created and updated by trade for the trade and provide all parts of the supply chain with fair, consistent, simple and trustworthy terms.

FOSFA Technical

To ensure trade in oil, seeds or fats complies with the terms of the FOSFA contract, we have developed detailed protocols, rules and methods that FOSFA superintendent and analyst members abide by.

FOSFA Arbitration

Our arbitration service provides an impartial dispute resolution procedure to buyers and sellers that use FOSFA contracts. We have experienced arbitrators located around the world who act under a strict code of practice to help parties resolve disputes.

FOSFA Education

We are committed to providing ongoing learning through two well-respected residential training courses. An introductory course is ideal for those new to the industry, whilst our advanced course is suitable for those who have three years or more trade experience.

FOSFA Sections

Our contracts cover two specific sections of the industry, oils and fats, and oilseeds. Members can join one or both sections and each area has its own committee of industry professionals to represent the requirements of the trade in each section.

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