The Guide to Arbitrations and Appeals

Rules of Arbitration
and Appeal

For the trade,
By the trade,
With the trade

Setting the standards for an impartial dispute resolution service

The Rules of Arbitrations and Appeals set the guidelines of how the FOSFA arbitrations and appeals service will operate when disputes arise from trades using FOSFA Contracts. 

The rules relate to the two tier arbitration service. Each party involved in the arbitration agrees to abide by these rules, whether or not they are members of the Federation. 

The rules are available free of charge to members.
Non-members can purchase the rules for £15.

The rules cover:

  1. Procedure for claiming arbitration and time limits
  2. Appointment of arbitrators
  3. Lapse of claim
  4. Procedure for arbitrations
  5. Jurisdiction
  6. Procedure for arbitration awards
  7. Procedure for claiming appeal and time limits
  8. Procedure for appointment of boards of appeal
  9. Procedure at appeals
  10. Withdrawal of appeals
  11. General

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The Guide to Arbitration and Appeals

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