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For the trade
By the trade
With the trade

Recognising what our members need from us

We will always aim to deliver more value to members and stakeholders by being responsive to their needs and requirements. This will ensure we remain essential to the trade and resilient to future trends and changes. We promote the trade in oil, oilseeds and fats and maintain the uniformity of FOSFA standard forms of contracts and other connected documents.

To do this we have and will continually:

  • Work to understand the evolving needs and requirements of our members
  • Make FOSFA relevant to members without losing sight of our core purpose and values
  • Improve communication so it is digitally focused and in line with member expectations
  • Make it easy for members to give feedback and share their views and opinions
  • Always remember that FOSFA was created for the trade, by  the trade, with the trade

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Source: FOSFA International Membership Survey Results 2021