There are many technical aspects of using FOSFA contracts for trading oilseeds and oils and fats. The publication ‘The Carriage of Oils and Fats’ is the contract referred document which contains the basic rules including tank qualifications, heating instructions, banned and acceptable lists etc. The technical aspects of these rules and any revisions are initially discussed within the FOSFA Technical Committee.

Another function of the Technical Committee is to oversee the running of the Analysts’ Scheme and the Superintendents’ Scheme. This includes the monitoring of the performance and accreditation tests in which the analysts participate on an annual basis. The individual laboratory results are considered by the Confidential Technical Committee which is made up of the company members only.

FOSFA also runs a technical helpline which can be accessed by email or by telephone using the normal contact details. Although the secretariat are not allowed to answer questions relating to specific contractual situations, we will provide guidance as to the areas which need to be consulted to enable understanding of the factors which need to be considered to arrive at an appropriate solution to the problem.

FOSFA also participates in the technical development areas of many regulatory bodies such as the International Maritime Organisation, the Codex Alimentarius and the European Commission. This enables the secretariat to keep members abreast of items which may impact on their businesses. FOSFA also holds the secretariat of the ISO Committee ISO/TC34/SC11 Animal and vegetable fats and oils and participates in ISO/TC34/SC2 Oilseeds.

If users have any suggestions concerning the above areas of interest, or would like to be updated on any of them, we would be pleased to hear from them via the contact us page.

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