IFIA Opens Global Agricultural Superintendent Certification Programme to Non-Members

IFIA (The International Federation of Inspection Agencies) has announced that its Agricultural Superintendent Certification Programme (Oils and Fats) is now open to non-IFIA member companies. The programme has been running on a trial basis for IFIA member companies since September 2014 and to date over 400 superintendents from IFIA members have been registered for the examinations.

In order to qualify for the programme, superintendents must have a minimum of six months’ work experience and have completed certain specified training tasks. A training requirements list is supplied and completion of these tasks is confirmed via the submission of training records. Applicants can download a test question book to assist them in their studies and at the end of the process they are required to sit an on-line multiple-choice examination. The examination is conducted in the English language, although there are plans to introduce further language options. Examinations are organised globally through a test platform provider, PearsonVUE.

The registration process for non-IFIA member companies can be accessed through the IFIA website (http://www.ifia-federation.org/content/agricultural-superintendent-certification/). Once a company has filled in the registration form and paid an application fee, their documents and references are checked by IFIA. Once registration has been approved it is valid for a five-year period. During this time, superintendents can be entered for examinations, assuming they have met the entry requirements. Each superintendent is given a unique superintendent number and his or her examination record, along with this number, is entered on to a database. The database enables IFIA to provide information on the certification status of any inspector should employers or clients wish to assure themselves that the superintendent is in possession of a valid certificate. Certificates are valid for a five-year period, after which time the superintendent must re-sit the examination. This is to ensure that superintendents’ knowledge remains current. The examinations are regularly updated to reflect any changes in legislation or practice.

The processes used in the Agricultural Superintendent Certification Programme are based on those used in IFIA’s Petroleum Inspector Certification scheme, which has been running successfully since 1998. IFIA’s Petroleum Inspector Certification scheme is globally accepted by client companies and is considered to provide them with an assurance that petroleum inspectors have achieved the necessary level of competence. Companies active in both the Petroleum and Agricultural arenas and wishing to enter both inspectors and superintendents for examinations must register separately for each, but will receive a discounted dual registration fee.

If you would like to receive further information about the Superintendent Certification Programme (Oils and Fats), please contact exams@ifia-federation.org.

Submitted by – Hanane Taidi, secretariat@ifia-federation.org

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