FOSFA Annual Dinner 2016

711 members and guests attended the London Dinner on 10 November.

The new venue, the ‘pop up in the Park’, Battersea Evolution proved a success for its facilities, its food and service and as always good company.

Newly appointed President, Christian Meinich, welcomed participants and thanked the member companies who had opted to host tables and entertain their own guests; 64 of 70 tables in total.

The FOSFA Council members hosted a number of Kindred Association guests including:

Mrs N Lecocq, Director General, FEDIOL
Ms J Chisholm Caunt, Director General, GAFTA
Mr C Halfmann, President and Mr C Buchholz, Secretary General, GROFOR
Mr D Stregels, President and Secretary, Mr R van Noord, NOFOTA
Mr L Weyn, Secretary, UCOGRAS

Retired staff member John Hancock, Tallow Chandler Robert Pick, Chairman of the Tallow Chandlers/FOSFA Liaison Committee, Past Presidents Christopher Berry, Jimmy Faure, and Donald O’Meara were also guests of the Federation.

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Association for international trading in oils, fats and oilseeds