Arbitration Rules, Guide and Code of Practice

Publications dated 1 April 2021

The current versions of the FOSFA Guide to Arbitrations and Appeals, the Rules and the Code of Arbitrators are listed below along with a short description of each document. The Guide and Code are freely available. The Rules are available to members. Non-members are able to purchase the documents for an administrative charge of £15.00 per document, this extends to contracts also.

The Guide to Arbitrations and Appeals – This document provides assistance to parties in disputes, to arbitrators and to tribunals, and sets out the responsibilities of the various elements associated with dispute resolution including those of the Federation.

Rules of Arbitration and Appeal – These are the Rules applying to the two tier arbitration service as per the standard Arbitration Clause of FOSFA Contracts.

Small Claims Single Tier Rules of Arbitration – An alternative single tier procedure by agreement of the parties, where no right of appeal exists and the dispute is determined by a sole arbitrator. To be applied it must be an agreed provision in writing at the time of the contract coming into force or subsequently when a dispute arises.

Rules of Arbitration for Brokerage Commissions and Interest – These Rules are for claims in respect of late and/or non-payment of commission and/or concerning interest payable on commission of the Brokers, associated with FOSFA Contract No 95, the Broker Contract.

The Code of Practice for Arbitrators – The object of arbitration is to deliver a fair resolution of disputes by an impartial tribunal, without undue delay or expense. The Code provides a framework for conduct appropriate in the handling of arbitration cases, alongside the Guide, Rules and the Arbitration Act 1996.

Arbitrator Time Sheet – Linked to the Code of Practice for Arbitrators.

Archived Versions –

Previous versions of the FOSFA Rules are available to members via the secretariat at (an administration charge may arise).

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