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Sampling rules that set the standards for commodity handling

To ensure commodities are traded in accordance with the terms of our contracts,  superintendent members of FOSFA must carry out the sampling of oils and fats, as well as oilseeds, as per the appropriate sampling methods we have detailed in the Contractual Methods of Sampling document. 

The document also stipulates the FOSFA method of labelling, packaging, transporting and storing samples and is applicable for all samples drawn under the terms of our contracts. The samples will be used for analysisarbitration (if required), or standards purposes.

Contained in the document are specific methods and rules for the handling of samples for three sets of commodities: 

  1. Oils, fats, technical tallows, greases and acid oils
  2. Oleaginous seeds and oleaginous seed products
  3. Edible groundnuts for aflatoxin testing


Our contractual methods include standards that have been mainly set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) together with a few methods from The American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) and other sources. The ISO methods should be purchased from your national ISO member body and the AOCS methods from their website.

A number of the contractual methods are in the FOSFA International Official Methods document.

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