Member Analysts Scheme

FOSFA members in the international trade have always relied upon a worldwide network of fully independent Member Analysts to provide accurate and up-to-date contractual analysis certificates on traded parcels of oils and fats, cargoes of oilseeds and consignments of groundnuts. The consumer demands safe food of high quality from the supermarkets and manufacturers; demands which are being reflected in the way in which FOSFA commodities are transported, handled, inspected and analysed within the modern raw material supply chain.

Analyst Members (Full or Associate) are laboratories not directly associated with any company or firm engaged in the trade in FOSFA commodities.  They are recognised by the Federation for the purposes of analyses carried out under the terms of the Federation’s contracts.  Member Analysts have agreed to comply with the requirements of the scheme, including the terms and conditions.  They have also agreed to use the contractual methods of analysis when analysing commodities being traded on FOSFA contracts.  These documents can be viewed using the links below.

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Association for international trading in oils, fats and oilseeds