Carriage of Oils and Fats

The carriage of oils and fats in bulk is a complex matter, and to capture the evolved practices and contractual obligations now demanded by all international markets, the Federation publishes its own document referred to as the “Carriage of Oils and Fats”. This is a set of protocols and contract referred documents. These various documents can be found using the following links:

Contract Referred Documents

Prescribed Report Forms

  • Combined Master’s Certificate
  • Certificate of Compliance, Cleanliness and Suitability of Ship’s Tank

ISO Tank Containers

  • Qualifications, Operational Procedures and Certificate of Compliance

The Carriage of Oils and Fats may be downloaded by members or purchased by non-members by using the following link:

Previous Cargo Flow Charts

The two flow charts below assist users to determine the suitability of the tank for the carriage of oils and fats in relation to the immediate previous cargo either as Banned or Acceptable List substance.

Parties involved in trading oils and fats in bulk under FOSFA CIF terms will note the reference in contracts and optional clauses to these various documents. Their purpose is to ensure the safe handling and preservation of the integrity of the cargo to which the contract relates, and avoid contamination incidents, which while problematic in the 1980s, have been predominantly eradicated.

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