New and Updated Contracts 33 and 32

As the dynamics and demands of the trade change new methods of carriage evolve. In recent years there has been an exponential rise in the number of shipments utilising Flexitanks.  A Flexitank , sometimes referred to as Flexibag, is essentially a one use bladder fitted in a standard shipping container offering an economic alternative to small volume shippers.   Requiring less technical handling than more traditional methods and offering short term storage solutions at destination the use of Flexitanks has broadened the scope and reach of the trade.  To facilitate this development FOSFA have published a new Contract No 33 Flexitanks/General Purpose Containers.  This contract is squarely aimed at providing the flexibility and clarity needed in this burgeoning sector of the trade.  The flexibility comes from the basis of trade provision in the preamble to the contractual clauses. This allows parties to the contract to define the terms under which the goods are to be shipped.   By providing the CIF/FOB/C&F or other option the parties can easily define their responsibilities and rights.  Once established the subsequent clauses requiring a choice will flow logically. Underpinning the contract Clause 23 provides for ’all other terms’ to be as per an established FOSFA contract.

The reverse side of this coin are the more technical trades requiring specialised handling.  To provide an equal degree of flexibility and clarity Contract No 32 Full Container Load / ISO Tank Container has been retitled and revamped. The synergies between the two contracts allowed the adoption of the same terms developed for Contract No 33, while promoting the sometimes overlooked ISO Tank aspect of the contract.  In this new iteration Contract 32 is as capable of covering the demands of dry cargo shippers and wet cargo shippers alike.

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