Residential Courses

The Federation holds training programmes for the trade which are globally recognised.

There are two levels of residential courses which offer unique training facilities for all aspects of the oilseeds and oils and fats trades.

Our 2022 Course will once again be held at the Royal Holloway,  University of London, in the UK ( Key note speakers from the trade, industry and kindred organisations present the course subjects.

We regret to inform you that the Basic Introductory Trade Education Course in September has been cancelled due to the COVID19 outbreak.

For next year and in line with the now established policy, the next Basic Introductory Course will be held likely in September. Advanced Course level will take place in 2022 as well and likely to be in June. Both dates to be confirmed in due course.


A week-long course covering elementary aspects relating to the international trade in oilseeds, oils and fats. The syllabus covers FOSFA contracts, contract referred documents, shipping, insurance, trade finance, technical matters and arbitration (dispute resolution). It is aimed at new and relatively junior members of the trade/ industry with little or no knowledge/experience in a trading environment.


A week-long management orientated course designed and structured to update delegates on current trade practices and regulations, as well as introducing a number of specialist managerial subjects, risk management case studies and group work. This course is aimed at managers with a minimum of three years’ experience in the trade. The next Advanced Course will be held in 2022, again likely to be in June.

Further information can be obtained from the Federation from Sophie Thomas (FOSFA.general@fosfa.orgIf you wish to register for one of our courses then complete the relevant online registration form above.

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