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FOSFA members can login, search and download the contract that is relevant to their trade. For non-members, our contracts can be purchased for £15 each. The contract can be added to your basket and will be available to you once the transaction has been completed.

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  • FOSFA Contract No. 092

    FOSFA Contract No. 092

    April 2024

    Refined Oils and Fats – Delivered Ex Works UK Terms (Issued jointly with SCOPA)

  • FOSFA Contract No. 093

    FOSFA Contract No. 093

    April 2024

    EU Delivered Feed Fat – Delivered Terms (Issued jointly with Feed Fat Association)

  • FOSFA Contract No. 095

    FOSFA Contract No. 095

    April 2024


  • FOSFA Contract No. 201

    FOSFA Contract No. 201

    April 2024

    African Crude Groundnut Oil – CIF Terms

  • FOSFA Contract No. 202

    FOSFA Contract No. 202

    April 2024

    African Crude Groundnut Oil – FOB Terms

  • Optional & Special Clauses

    Optional & Special Clauses

    May 2022

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