Directory of FOSFA Arbitrators

The Directory serves to provide parties engaged in dispute resolution under FOSFA contract terms with details of those actively providing arbitrator services, being eligible and available to be appointed at First Tier.  A profile is provided for all listed arbitrators (click on the name below).  This will provide background information and assist selection/appointments.  Some arbitrators undertake case handling and trade representation activities. In this respect details are contained in their profile.

The Directory will be subject to periodic updating, however amendments to contact details etc will be ongoing.  The annual update is linked to review of arbitrator’s qualification and performance (see Code of Practice).

The FOSFA Rules (Two Tier, Single Tier and Brokerage) and separately the Federation Regulations provide that all Trading, Full Broker and Full Non-Trading member companies representatives, as listed on the FOSFA Website, if under the age of 75, and active in the trade are eligible to act as “Arbitrators” under FOSFA Contracts, in the appropriate section.  By reference to the site it can be seen that the list of potential and technically eligible arbitrators is extensive, with no reference to their willingness to so act.  The Directory, as stated above, is a consolidation of those regularly accepting appointments.

Those members eligible (see Rule 12 of the Federation’s Rules and Responsibilities and Rule 2(b) of the Rules of Arbitration and Appeal) and wishing to take on arbitrator responsibilities must abide by the Code of Practice for Arbitrators, attend periodic training opportunities and demonstrate their experience to so act (with a minimum of 10 years in the trade).  Application to be included in the Directory of Arbitrators should be channelled via the Federation’s Chief Executive.

To view the full details/profile click on the Arbitrator’s name.

Argentina India United Kingdom
Mr E Manovil Mr S Bardia Mr K K Bantick
Belgium Mr A Takkar Mr D Barnett
Mr W E Busch Luxembourg Mr J M Cowens
Mr G Vanmarcke Mr W Plug Mr P G Davies
Brazil Netherlands Ms I Dorichenko
Mr F Rodrigues Mr L Dorrestein Mr R Faint
Canada Mr A J F Hoek Mrs D Galloway
Mr C Sipos Mr J Rietkerk Mr D Green
China Singapore Mr K Haylock
Mr S Li Mr J C P Brown Dr D Howells
Denmark Spain Mr K Jansa
Mr M Guldager Mr M H Gerrits Mrs S Kay
France Switzerland Mr D Lucas
Mr D G O’Meara Mrs J Hawkins Mr P F Nicholls
Germany Mr D Perc Mr P J Noyce
Mr R H B Eikel J Lopez Puche Mr R W Rookes
Ms T Nehls Mr P Linder Mr B A Tappy
Mr M Vehring Ms C Liu Mrs E Thomas
Mr N P de Zwart Mr J S Smid Mr C Uridge
Hungary Turkey  
Ms K Mozer Mr S Dellal  
  United Arab Emirates  
  O Kryukovskiy  


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