The Federation has a wide range of publications specific to the needs of a particular commodity or type of trade, which are updated as trade practice changes.
Publications (by subject area):
Arbitration and Appeal Services
Code of Practice for Arbitrators, Guide to Arbitrations and Appeals, Rules of Arbitration and Appeal and Fees.
Carriage of Oils and Fats
Qualifications and Operational Procedures, related Certificates, Banned List and Acceptable List of Previous Cargoes. More information can be found here.
Code of Practice for Member Superintendents
Procedures for the superintending of shore installations and on-board ships in relation to oilseeds, oils and fats.
FOSFA Manual
Publication containing Individual Contracts, Optional and Special Clauses, Guide and Arbitration Rules and Institute/FOSFA Insurance Clauses.
Newsletter covering trade issues and developments, contractual matters and other newsworthy items.
Members Directory
List of members by category. Members only.
Posted Companies
List of companies who have defaulted on contract terms and who fail to honour awards against them.
Published Awards
Database of trade disputes (edited awards) arising from FOSFA terms.
Rules and Regulations of the Federation
Technical Manual
Analysis and sampling methods relating to FOSFA contracts.
Price List


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Association for international trading in oils, fats and oilseeds