Circulars are the Federation’s main communications medium to convey policy decisions, changes to the content of publications (for example, contract terms, rules, codes, qualifications, events etc) and are issued to all member or specific categories of membership or on a section basis.

They are circulated electronically, and uploaded on to the site at the end of the month.

Circular Management

Time expired circulars will be removed from the listing (eg events), however policy statements are retained in the section headed ‘Policy’ with the topic table and date.


September –

Annual General Meeting Notice
Carriage of Oils and Fats
Membership Reinstatements and Terminations
New Members of Council
Oils and Fats Section Annual Dinner
Oils and Fats Section Minutes
Oilseeds Section Minutes
Posting Notice
Reports and Financial Statements 2021

July  – 

Posting Circular

June –

Analyst and Superintendent Suspensions
Carriage of Oils and Fats Circular & Amendment
FOSFA’s 50th Anniversary Annual Dinner
Oils and Fats Section Annual Meeting Agenda 2021
Oilseeds Section Annual Meeting Agenda 2021

May – 

FOSFA September Education Course 2021
Posting Circular

March –

Contract 52 Circular
FOSFA Analyst Seals
FOSFA Contracts Revision

February –

FOSFA International Membership Survey – News Release
FOSFA Education Courses 2021
FOSFA Arbitration Services
Contract 52 Circular

January – 

Previous Cargoes Flow Chart


December – 

Posting Circular and Posting List

Policy Circulars
Date Topic
Carriage of Oils and Fats February 2016 Banned List, Coatings, Pressure Testing
Carriage of Oils and Fats  September 2019 Revised Qualifications and Operational Procedures
Code of Practice for Member Superintendents February 2016 Reporting Responsibilities
EU List of Acceptable
Previous Cargoes
June 2019 Latest List
Manual Amendment Service March 2018 Updated Rules, Guide & Code
Manual Amendment Service August 2019 Revised Optional Clauses EU1 and EU2
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Association for international trading in oils, fats and oilseeds