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Please fill in the application form below to apply:

All fields must be completed. Those not relevant to the category for which you are applying, should be marked as ‘not applicable’.

Step 1: General Details
Name of Laboratory applying for membership:
Trading name (If different):
Laboratory Address:
Postcode/Zip Code:
International Telephone:
International Fax:
General Company Email:
VAT Number (If applicable):
Name of main contact for FOSFA:
Step 2: Company Details
When was the laboratory established:
Is laboratory managed independently? Yes No
If subsidiary, name of Parent company:
Commercial activities of Parent company:
Does the company have any other laboratories within the same country? Yes No
Does your company have professional indemnity insurance? Yes No
How long has your laboratory occupied current premises?
How long has laboratory been analysing:
Oilseeds and oil bearing commodities
Selected groundnuts
Vegetable, animal and marine oils and fats
Step 3: Membership & Commodity Sections
Select Membership Category:
Sections (Tick all that apply) Oilseeds Oils and Fats
Representative Name: Representative Email: Representative Sections: Oilseeds Oils and Fats
Step 4: Laboratory Accreditation/Certification
If the laboratory is accredited by an external accreditation/certification authority to ISO 17025, please give details (authority, standard, date and period of validity):
If the laboratory has been inspected/audited by a national authority, please give details (authority and date of last inspection, etc):
Step 5: Laboratory Premises
How old is the current laboratory premises?
Is the laboratory purpose-built? Yes No
Is the construction? Permanent Semi-permanent Temporary
Is the laboratory air-conditioned? Yes No
Are there separate library facilities? Yes No
Are there separate facilities for sample handling and storage? Yes No
Are there written procedures for the receipt, handling and storage of samples? Yes No
Have you a computerised sample/data handling programme? Yes No
Is access to stored samples restricted to nominated staff only? Yes No
Are the samples "logged in" on receipt? Yes No
If yes, is the sample log held? Manually Electronically
Is the storage area? Air-conditioned Chilled Ambient
How long are samples stored after completion of analysis?
Is there a written procedure for dealing with client/customer complaints? Yes No
Is there a written in-house quality assurance procedure? Yes No
Step 6: Staffing
How many staff are employed:
In a technical capacity and professionally qualified?
In a technical capacity but not professionally qualified?
In an administrative/clerical capacity?
How many staff will be employed on FOSFA related work?

Note: Professionally qualified staff are those with a degree or professional qualification from a recognised university, higher academic institution or professional body.

Who is the supervisor in charge of the daily operation of the laboratory?
How many staff are authorised to sign Certificates of Analysis?
Is there a written programme for staff in-house training? Yes No
If yes, are written records kept of this training? Yes No
Step 7: Technical Publications/Methods of Analysis
Do you possess an up-to-date copy of the Technical Manual containing the Contractual Sampling and Analysis Methods? Yes No
Do you possess copies of all the mandatory FOSFA Standard Contractual Methods of Analysis (ISO, BSI, AOCS, etc) relevant to your category and section of FOSFA membership? Yes No
If not, please list those items not held and the date when you expect them to be in place:
Step 8: Laboratory Equipment and Calibration
Do you have in your laboratory the necessary equipment to carry out all the mandatory methods of analysis listed in the Technical Manual for the section(s) and category of membership for which you have applied? Yes No
If not, please list those items not held and the date when you expect them to be in place (please note that the sub-contracting of mandatory tests by laboratories is forbidden):
Are your analytical balances and weights serviced regularly? Yes No
Are your analytical balances and weights calibrated regularly? Yes No
Do you have certified calibrated thermometers? Yes No
What oil extraction apparatus do you use (Oilseeds Section only)?
What equipment do you use for initial grinding of seeds (Oilseeds Section only)?
Model No:
What equipment do you use for micro-grinding of seeds (Oilseeds Section only)?
Model No:
What equipment do you have for colour measurement (Oils and Fats Section only)?
Model No:
Do you have a gauge for slip melting point tubes (as required by ISO 6321:2002) (Oils and Fats Section only)? Yes No
Step 9: Confirmation of Capability - Mandatory Contractual Analysis Method
Please read the following statements and complete the one that is relevant to the category of membership for which you are applying:
Full Analyst (L1): We hereby confirm that we are capable of conducting all the Mandatory contractual analysis methods appropriate to our category of membership. Yes No
Associate Analyst (L2): We hereby confirm that we are capable of conducting all the Mandatory contractual analysis methods appropriate to our category of membership. Yes No
If not, please list those tests that you are unable to perform:
Are you willing to allow a member of the Federation's Technical Committee (or appointed representative) to visit your laboratory to inspect your equipment and discuss methods of analysis. Yes No
Are all the analyses you perform carried out at the premises stated above? Yes No
If not, please state which tests and at which other premises they are carried out:
Do you issue certificates from the premises stated above? Yes No
If not, from which address are certificates issued?
Step 10: Confirmation of Capability - Optional Contractual Analysis Methods - (Full Analyst Applicants only)
Please study the lists of Optional contractual analysis methods and list the tests that you are capable of performing:
Do you wish to be accredited for the analysis of aflatoxin and B(a)P? Yes No

(Accreditation may involve participation in a demonstration of competence at the laboratory's own expense).

Step 11: Comments
If you have any comments on matters not mentioned elsewhere on this form or other relevant information about your laboratory, please write them below.
Step 12: Referees

Applications must be supported by two members of the Federation (one of which must be a Trading Member and the other a Trading or Full Broker Member). Neither can be an Analyst or Superintendent and neither can be affiliated to your company. Letters of support for your application from the referees should be sent separately to the Membership Secretary ( A suggested format for these letters is available here.

Step 13: Declarations

We apply to the Council of the Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Ltd to become Member Analysts in the section(s) previously stated and to be recognised as such for the purposes of the Federation’s contracts. We hereby declare that the answers we have given are correct to the best of our knowledge and, in the event that we are accepted into membership, we agree to abide by the terms and conditions of membership. We understand that we will be asked to demonstrate competence at our own expense, by participating in a Performance and Accreditation Programme for the appropriate section(s).

Acceptance of FOSFA Terms & Conditions
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